Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture through the lens of photographer Aldis.

Last month, we had the pleasure of having a photoshoot with Italian photographer Aldis. He managed to capture the essence of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture designs using Höllviken beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sweden, as setting.

Aldis is a fashion photographer based in Milan. He specializes in portraying women, capturing the essence of their beauty. For that purpose he prefers to use black and white images. He does not edit the pictures, but prefers showing the original result captured through his lens.

The resulting images show our designs naturally, focusing on their elements in an elegant black and white. The models look serene, deep in their thoughts, almost mysterious. 

We asked Aldis some questions regarding the photoshoot with Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture. Here is our short interview:

What called your attention towards the designs of Vanessa Jo-Ann?

Aldis: I really like that Vanessa has a very personal vision of fashion. I think that she manages to show her identity and cultural vision through her creations. A marked personality is very important in our globalized world.

I also feel the Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture as a brand has a big perspective in future.

Why black and white?

Aldis: Black and white is very important for my photography art. Black and white is more natural and real than colour. Colours take much of our attention, while black and white makes us focus on the main point. Black and white is like an x-ray, it help us see the inside, the personality.

I usually work in black white and I don’t use photoshop. This helps me to focus mainly on the shadow and the light. Also black and white forms are more sad than happy. Sadness tells much more than happiness. It gives a much more emotional perspective.

Where did you get your inspiration for this particular shooting?

Aldis: My inspiration comes from different things. For this shooting I was inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian nature and the Scandinavian melancholy. All that reminds me of the films of Ingmar Bergman. His work is a big inspiration for me.

The beauty of nature and women’s beauty makes me feel in harmony. The nature is the best background for women’s beauty. It’s so natural, truthful and beautiful. That is why I prefer to shoot outside rather than in a studio.

What is the one thing that you liked the most of the final result of this shooting?

Aldis: I think that what I most like is that the pictures capture instants that tell so much about the beauty of women. I really like when time is frozen and it tells about a woman’s beauty. 

Check the gallery with the pictures of the photoshoot. Here you can observe some of the main items of our current collection. Also, we recommend that you visit Aldis Studio web page and check his wonderful work.

We also invite you to visit our online boutique in Malmö, where you can try our designs in our showroom at Beyond Us.

Style: Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture

Photography: Aldis Studio

Models: Gabi Heinzen and Lora Grigorova

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About Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture:

We are a fashion brand based in the lovely town of Höllviken, south of Sweden.
We are purely driven by the love of design. With sustainability as the epicentre of our business, we make sure to use carefully chosen materials with very minimum waste.

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About Lora Grigorova:

Photographer and audiovisual artist currently based in Malmö. She has worked with image since a very early age and her work has been published in different magazines, newspapers and books worldwide. She also has a project called Super Muñeca.

Since 2015 she has been organising photography workshops on the streets of different cities inspiring different people to actually pursue photography as a way of living.
For her, the street has always been the best school for photography.

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See you soon!!!