About us

We are purely driven by the love of design. With sustainability as the epicentre of our business, we make sure to use carefully chosen materials with minimum waste. We like to make our clients feel special by only producing small quantities of our designs and using the best craftsmanship. We also have a made to measure service as we like to cater to everyone who loves us!

As a young girl, Vanessa the founder, would often create different designs for dolls and hand stitch them. Those dolls had the most beautiful clothes! As a teenager, she would often take dresses and skirts that were considered boring and cut them up to create something trendy. People would often ask where she bought them because they looked unusual and interesting.  

Vanessa has always loved crafting with fabric and other materials to create  beautiful pieces of art. She gets most of her inspiration from nature, her love of art and travelling the world. This love of creativity has deepened and settled itself in the beautiful little town of Höllviken, Sweden with its charming and natural surroundings full of inspiration. This is where the magic happens! Everything is created with love, care and thoughtfulness. In beautiful Höllviken, this is where we do what we love best, crafting fine evening and special occasions wear for women!

What matters to us is that our clients are truly happy with what we create for them. Therefore, we create limited – edition pieces as well as made to measure items to make them feel very special. This gives us enough time to beautifully craft and execute our products. We aim to create very organic, artsy and playful pieces to keep everyone entertained.