Sustainability and Inclusiveness

Design, pattern construction and choice of materials: ​​We aim to use biodegradable and recycled materials. Examples of our biodegradable fabrics are silk, linen, organic cotton,  bamboo and hemp.

Spent time investigating the use of silk and decided to use Peace Silk for all my silk garments going forward. Also, the leather we use for accessories is purely from animals used for consumption. We are in the process of exploring mushroom leather and pineapple leather as our sustainable alternative to animal skin.

We make sure to maximise the use of materials and minimise waste. Leftover material is used for household rugs and clothes of many colors that turn out so beautiful! 

Production: In my previous collection, I outsourced my collection to a family owned production company in Vietnam, instead of low cost alternatives in other countries due to possible human rights violations. In the future, our aim is to eventually be able to produce in Sweden.

Packaging: Using recycled plastic packaging like garment bags, for example.

Diversity and Inclusiveness: Coming from a black minority background, I understand what it’s like to feel less valued in society. Therefore, our creations are made for all women, we don’t care about body and beauty stereotypes. We believe that all bodies are different and have their own beauty. Therefore, our models are from different ethnicities, different shapes and sizes.

We also have a made to measure service in case all our sizes do not fit and you would like a particular design made especially for you.

Social Initiatives: Most of our collaborators and workers are small local companies. We try to support entrepreneurship and new companies. For instance, we help students who want to learn more about the design process, pattern making, and sewing at no extra costs. We also contract small newly established local sewing businesses to help with our projects

Also, garments that are not done properly are donated to those in need.