Nostalgia: Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s SS 2024 Collection Stuns at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture graced the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week, presenting the much-anticipated Spring Summer Collection 2024 Nostalgia. The event, held on October 20, 2023, at the stunning David Lam Hall, marked a fusion of artistry, sustainability, and sheer elegance.

Photos by Y. Hanson, Francis Ward and Delilah Lovejoy

Nostalgia – The Breathtaking Showcase:

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture took centre stage, presenting Nostalgia, a mesmerizing collection of 12 looks. With a color palette dominated by pristine whites, deep blacks, and serene blues, each ensemble featured intricate floral patterns and captivating material combinations. The runway became a canvas, showcasing the designer’s unique vision and commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Crafted to Perfection – Vanessa’s Vision:

Vanessa, the creative force behind the collection, demonstrated her meticulous craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from nature, art, and global exploration. From her early days sewing for dolls to becoming a profesional in the fashion industry, Vanessa’s journey is woven into each stitch, creating pieces that resonate with both tradition and modernity.

The collection’s allure was further heightened by the accessories created by designer Maria Mittermayr. With a keen eye for detail, Maria’s pieces seamlessly complemented Vanessa’s creations, presenting a cohesive narrative of contemporary sophistication. The collaboration added a layer of depth to the overall visual spectacle.

Nostalgia and the Musical Magic by Neorus:

The ambiance of the runway was brought to life by the ethereal soundscape crafted by music producer Gyozo Makula, the genius behind the ambient-chillout project Neorus. His compositions provided a captivating backdrop, transforming the fashion show into a multi-sensory experience that resonated with the audience.

David Lam Hall, the spacious and elegant hall set against the vibrant backdrop of Vancouver elevated the entire showcase, creating an immersive experience that complemented the sophistication of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s designs.


Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture left a mark on Vancouver Fashion Week. The SS 2024 Collection not only showcased the latest trends but also embodied the brand’s commitment to sustainability and timeless elegance.

Explore the allure of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s SS 2024 Collection through the videos and pictures captured during the event. A limited edition of the collection will be soon available at Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s online store. Don’t miss the opportunity to add one of these amazing pieces to your wardrobe! 

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“Dawn” Collection by Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture Now Available

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s “Dawn” Collection is now available for purchase! Step into a world of refined luxury and beauty to be found in the online store of the brand. It is a captivating couture collection, designed to grace red carpets and gala events. So, it is a testament to Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s commitment to craftsmanship and unparalleled style.

This blog post about “Dawn,” features stunning photography by Smallfield Photo, with the talented Serene Chan as the model. Lina Ling is the creative behind make up and hairstyle.

Discover “Dawn” Collection Online

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s “Dawn” collection is now just a click away. Experience the allure of ten exquisite gala dresses, each meticulously designed to accentuate the grace and individuality of the wearer. The collection showcases a harmonious blend of colors, including black, white, light blue, light pink, and creme.

Elevating Couture Fashion:

“Dawn” embraces the essence of couture fashion, especially because of its attention to detail and expert tailoring. Furthermore, the collection’s seamless fusion of modern trends and classical elegance ensures that each dress tells a story. It is tailored to make you feel extraordinary, evoking the sensation of walking down a red carpet as cameras flash all around you. Therefore, each gown is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating unforgettable moments.

Order Your Piece of “Dawn” Today:

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece from Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s “Dawn” collection. Therefore, you can visit our online store and immerse yourself in a world of couture fashion that captivates with its beauty and leaves a lasting impression. So, with just a few clicks, you can select the gown that resonates with your style.

As with all Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture pieces, the designs of “Dawn” are made with limited production and carefully crafted by our professional tailors, providing you with the best quality. Each dress is a work of art, ensuring that you receive a unique and exceptional garment.

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“Dawn” New Collection by Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture

Last month, amidst the splendor of Rome’s Sheraton Parco de Medici, Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture unveiled her new collection, “Dawn”. The event took place during the Miss Woman Beauty Contest 2023. The gala night witnessed the enchanting presence of beautiful contestants, while Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s collection added an extra touch of elegance and glamour to the event. 

Photography by Andrea Santoni

Dazzling “Dawn” New Collection:

Comprising ten stunning gala dresses and sets, “Dawn” by Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture embodies the essence of timeless elegance. The collection boasts a carefully curated palette featuring colors such as black, white, light blue, light pink, and creme, evoking a sense of sophistication and grace. With most dresses embracing a touch of sheer and seductive allure, the collection is crafted to make every woman feel exceptional, akin to a queen stepping onto the red carpet.

Miss Woman Beauty Contest 2023: A Night to Remember:

Hosted at the Sheraton Parco de’ Medici, this year’s Miss Woman Beauty Contest was a truly unforgettable affair. Among the 48 captivating Misses from all corners of the world, Ariadna Muro from Guadalajara, Mexico, emerged victorious as Miss Woman 2023. Guido Walter Mariani, an exceptional figure in communication and marketing, spearheaded the event. It showcased the beauty, charisma, and cultural diversity of the participants.

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture Takes the Spotlight:

As the radiance of the contestants graced the stage, Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s “Dawn” collection commanded attention during an important part of the show. With its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, the collection perfectly complemented the elegance and grandeur of the event. The collaboration between Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture and Miss Woman Beauty Contest 2023 epitomized a celebration of fashion, beauty, and empowerment.

The brand’s collaboration with the esteemed beauty contest highlights its commitment to empowering women. For Vanessa, it’s important to celebrate their individuality through the transformative power of fashion. Stay tuned for updates on future collections and innovative endeavors from Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture.

Unveiling Dawn New Collection to the World:

“Dawn” will be available in Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s online store in June. The collection’s enchanting designs, meticulously tailored for gala events and red carpet affairs, will soon be within reach, allowing fashion connoisseurs to embrace the sophistication and allure of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture. With its seamless integration of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance, “Dawn” is destined to make a lasting impression in the fashion world of 2023 and beyond.

Release campaign for our latest fashion collection “New Earth”.

Last month, Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture hosted three students from the Erasmus+ Program between Poland and Sweden. Angelika and Bozena study advertisement, Karolina studies graphic design. These are fields that nowadays are extremely important for the development of any company. They worked closely with us for three weeks and contributed in the campaign for our latest fashion collection “New Earth.”

What is the Erasmus+ Program?

Is a European Union program in the field of education and training. 

The participants of the project are students of vocational secondary schools. They come to gain work experience in Swedish companies. The internships usually last between two and four weeks. The purpose is to improve students’ professional qualifications, develop language skills, as well as learn about a foreign culture, develop tolerance and learn about the European labour market. 

Visit Erasmus+ Program webpage to learn more: here

The creation of the “New Earth” campaign.

We teamed-up with Angelika, Bozena and Karolina to create the campaign for our upcoming fashion collection.

“New Earth” was first presented at Paris Fashion Week, in February 2022. It consists of seven different styles inspired by a story that Vanessa imagined herself. It is the story of a girl who escapes from reality. She gets into a fantastic world, in the forest. This is why, each creation of this collection represents a present in a beautiful wrapping that the girl receives in this new world.

The campaign for our latest fashion collection was strongly influenced by this story. Angelika, Bozena and Karolina were very professional in finding the right the colors and words to represent our new collection. In a very short period of time, working with the material that we provided and contributing with their own creativity, they found out the best way to present our latest collection for the public.

“New Earth” Coming Soon!

Our experience working with the Erasmus+ Program was very satisfactory. This is specially because the inclusion of younger people in our business. It helps us to throw fresh air in our work and thus get inspiration for the future.

Soon, our collection “New Earth” will be available in our online boutique. 

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Impressions from Paris Fashion Week 2022

Last month at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s presented the collection “New Earth”. The show was organized by Flying Solo and took place at La Galerie Bourbon to a private audience of the industry and press.

“New Earth” is made of eight styles that are inspired by a fantasy world that Vanessa herself imagined. They stand out specially by their extravagant shapes, as if they were present wrappings, with nature motifs. All outfits were styled with jewellery by Bisolovely and handbags by Lucky Nelly.

The show took place at La Galerie Bourbon, located in central Paris, near the monumental Arc de Triomphe. Our fashion ambassador Celine, model and blogger, attended the event of Paris Fashion Week styling one of our Pink Brocade and Silk Organza Dress.

We asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and about her experience at Paris Fashion Week. We also invite you to follow her Instagram @celinesofficial and visit her blog 

Interview with our Fashion Ambassador Celine

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you passionate about blogging and fashion?

My name is Celine, I am 24 years old and I have always loved to dress up. When I got into puberty, I developed the wish of becoming a model. It was the time Instagram was launched and that led me to social media. 

I followed some German influencers like Leonie Hanne and Caro Daur and loved to see them developing their style. When I moved out of the small town where I grew, I finally dared to start posting myself. 

Describe your experience as fashion ambassador of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture at Paris Fashion Week.

Working with Vanessa was lovely. She was very caring and tried to give me the best experience of fashion week. I love the pieces she chose for me, as they match my style perfectly. 

How can you describe the “New Earth” collection by Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture and to whom would you recommend it? 

I´d describe the new collection as a mixture of romantic and fun – inspired by nature. The materials and the way of cutting is rather romantic, but with little twists like different fabrics and patterns. 

Last question: If you could choose only one item from the collection, which one would that be and why?

I’d probably choose the ruffled blue skirt, because I like the glow fabric and think you can style it super nicely, either in a romantic or also in a totally different way. 

You can check the gallery of pictures from Celine wearing Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture

Coming soon, the pictures and video from our fashion show at Paras Fashion Week 2022, presenting our collection “New Earth”.

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Also, we announce that our Spring/Summer collection “New Earth will be presented at Paris Fashion Week on the 28th of February. Find all the details in our blog post here.

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture Special Gift for Fashion Lovers!

Guess what! Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture has a very special gift for fashion lovers!

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture has a special gift for fashion lovers! Find your new party outfit in our store and enjoy a 30% off on all our designs! This promotion applies both to purchases in our online store and in our physical showroon in Beyon Us, Malmö.

This year was very challenging for many of us. In the case of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture, 2021 was an year of new beginnings. We opened our online boutique and shortly after we established a showroom in Beyond Us, the beautiful urban marked located in the center of Malmö, Sweden.

In Summer, we held a fashion photography contest on the beach of Höllviken to celebrate Midsommar. In November, we also hosted a fashion show to present our current collection “Four Seasons”. All of this wouldn’t had been posible without your support!

The journey in the world of fashion industry is not easy, since there is so much competence out there, and so many wonderful designers! However, fashion, as any other art form, is limitless! Through Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture, we have been meeting so many interesting people who inspire us!

This is the reason why we are giving this special gift for all fasion lovers, because you have been suporting us from the beginning!

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We wish you happy holidays and a great time with your loved ones!

Four Seasons Fashion Show by Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture

Last month, we had a Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture fashion show to display the designs of our collection “Four Seasons”. The event  took place in Beyond Us, an alternative urban market located in the centre of Malmö, Sweden. There you can also visit our showroom, open to the public from Monday to Sunday.

The Four Seasons collection is a celebration of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural work in fashion. It is also influenced by nature. The individualised artwork features different shapes and interesting details on one object. Each work tells a different story. This collection is portrayed in different colours to mark the four seasons of the year.

The event “Four Seasons” fashion show was a very pleasant celebration of fashion. Our eight models looked splendid in Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture’s designs, each of them wearing the pieces in their unique style.

You can check the video of the Four Seasons fashion show and entire documentary in pictures. Photographer Ako Kurnosenko captured every moment from the back stage to the actual catwalk and party.

You can purchase any of the designs of the collection in our online boutique or in our showroom in Beyond Us, Malmö.

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture is holding a fashion show in Malmö!

We are very happy to announce that on that we are holding a fashion show that will take place in Beyond Us Malmö, on the 27th of November 2021, starting at 3 p.m.

Our purpose is to celebrate fashion and bring together people who love style. The event will also feature a DJ and visuals, finishing with a small gathering. If you are passionate about couture fashion, you cannot miss this oportunity!

Entrance to the event is free of charge and open to everyone. Come and let’s enjoy fashion together!

About Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture.

We are a luxury women’s fashion brand established in 2019 in Höllviken, Sweden.

The love of design and quality are our main priorities. For us, wearing beautiful clothing is a celebration of life. We find joy in creating couture special occasion wear that is made by hand and designed with the wearer in mind. Our purpose is to make women feel beautiful and confident in our clothes.

All our products are produced with minimal waste and a sustainable mindset. We choose among the best retailers.

About the venue.

Beyond Us is a urban market located in central Malmö, Sweden.

There you will find Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture products along with other local designers. It’s the perfect spot to find a nice present and also have some fika or a drink in their bar.

Join our Facebook event!

You can join our Facebook event on this link:


Don’t miss the fashion show that we are holding in Beyond Us Malmö, and enjoy our creations!


Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture through the lens of photographer Aldis.

Last month, we had the pleasure of having a photoshoot with Italian photographer Aldis. He managed to capture the essence of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture designs using Höllviken beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sweden, as setting.

Aldis is a fashion photographer based in Milan. He specializes in portraying women, capturing the essence of their beauty. For that purpose he prefers to use black and white images. He does not edit the pictures, but prefers showing the original result captured through his lens.

The resulting images show our designs naturally, focusing on their elements in an elegant black and white. The models look serene, deep in their thoughts, almost mysterious. 

We asked Aldis some questions regarding the photoshoot with Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture. Here is our short interview:

What called your attention towards the designs of Vanessa Jo-Ann?

Aldis: I really like that Vanessa has a very personal vision of fashion. I think that she manages to show her identity and cultural vision through her creations. A marked personality is very important in our globalized world.

I also feel the Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture as a brand has a big perspective in future.

Why black and white?

Aldis: Black and white is very important for my photography art. Black and white is more natural and real than colour. Colours take much of our attention, while black and white makes us focus on the main point. Black and white is like an x-ray, it help us see the inside, the personality.

I usually work in black white and I don’t use photoshop. This helps me to focus mainly on the shadow and the light. Also black and white forms are more sad than happy. Sadness tells much more than happiness. It gives a much more emotional perspective.

Where did you get your inspiration for this particular shooting?

Aldis: My inspiration comes from different things. For this shooting I was inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian nature and the Scandinavian melancholy. All that reminds me of the films of Ingmar Bergman. His work is a big inspiration for me.

The beauty of nature and women’s beauty makes me feel in harmony. The nature is the best background for women’s beauty. It’s so natural, truthful and beautiful. That is why I prefer to shoot outside rather than in a studio.

What is the one thing that you liked the most of the final result of this shooting?

Aldis: I think that what I most like is that the pictures capture instants that tell so much about the beauty of women. I really like when time is frozen and it tells about a woman’s beauty. 

Check the gallery with the pictures of the photoshoot. Here you can observe some of the main items of our current collection. Also, we recommend that you visit Aldis Studio web page and check his wonderful work.

We also invite you to visit our online boutique in Malmö, where you can try our designs in our showroom at Beyond Us.

Style: Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture

Photography: Aldis Studio

Models: Gabi Heinzen and Lora Grigorova