Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture Special Gift for Fashion Lovers!

Guess what! Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture has a very special gift for fashion lovers!

Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture has a special gift for fashion lovers! Find your new party outfit in our store and enjoy a 30% off on all our designs! This promotion applies both to purchases in our online store and in our physical showroon in Beyon Us, Malmö.

This year was very challenging for many of us. In the case of Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture, 2021 was an year of new beginnings. We opened our online boutique and shortly after we established a showroom in Beyond Us, the beautiful urban marked located in the center of Malmö, Sweden.

In Summer, we held a fashion photography contest on the beach of Höllviken to celebrate Midsommar. In November, we also hosted a fashion show to present our current collection “Four Seasons”. All of this wouldn’t had been posible without your support!

The journey in the world of fashion industry is not easy, since there is so much competence out there, and so many wonderful designers! However, fashion, as any other art form, is limitless! Through Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture, we have been meeting so many interesting people who inspire us!

This is the reason why we are giving this special gift for all fasion lovers, because you have been suporting us from the beginning!

All Vanessa Jo-Ann Couture designs with a 30% OFF!

You can enjoy this promotion of 30% off on all our designs until the 31st of December, 2021.

If you are looking for a dress for your next party, you can try:

If you want to try something different, why not a fashion set?

If you want to be the center of all attentions, you can try this look:

We wish you happy holidays!

This is our special gift for fashion lovers this Christmas: a 30% off on all our designs both for web shopping and in our showroom in Beyond Us!

We wish you happy holidays and a great time with your loved ones!